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Pocket Drift is a mobile racing game developed by the company, Triple Boris. In the game, players drift their way through various tracks in different locations, such as mountains, cities, and deserts, using a variety of cars.

The game features intuitive one-touch controls that allow players to make their cars drift around corners and obstacles with ease. Players can compete in a variety of modes, including time trial and endless mode, where the objective is to drift for as long as possible without crashing.

Pocket Drift also includes several customization options for cars, such as different paint jobs and rims, which can be unlocked as players progress through the game. The game also features global leaderboards, allowing players to compete against each other and climb the ranks.

Overall, Pocket Drift is a fast-paced and exciting racing game that offers a unique drifting experience on mobile devices. It has received positive reviews for its smooth gameplay, responsive controls, and impressive visuals.






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